English company that is exporting and distributing custom-made cosmetics and healthcare goods made in the UK and promotes them around the globe.

Maryvery Limited has been established in England in 2016 and is currently developing a variety of products across a number of healthcare and cosmetics-related lines

Maryvery’s management has a tremendous experience in international cosmetics and healthcare business and believes that it can position Maryvery amongst the market leaders in its respective sector

Our brand aims to bring to new markets goods that are produced in the UK and that satisfy the highest standard both in quality and safety. Our products are effective, distinctive and affordable to the mass consumer. What we aim to do is to provide a luxury-quality range at reasonable prices



Create Your Own Beauty Formula!

Cosmetic line for the daily care of the scalp and hair. Premium brand cosmetics which are formulated with at least 95% natural ingredients.


Gentle like Mum - for the Baby's fun!

The GORKI brand presents a full range of products (cleansing, nutrition, moisturising and protection) for the care of children's healthy skin.



Health and Beauty!

Vitamins complex


High energy for man!



We work closely with our partners in order to develop our product range as well as a customer and distribution network both in the UK and abroad. At the moment, our key partners internationally are:

  • Inovia is part of Stan Chem International who are a group of companies who provide a diverse product offering on a global basis across chemical, personal care, agriculture and bio agronomy markets.
  • «Planet of Health» is one of the leading Russian pharmacy chains that took a great interest in our products. Both COSFO and GORKI are already being sold in the Planet of Health’s chain.
  • Saint Charles Apotheke (Vienna) is all about ecology and indulgence, sustainability and luxury as well as ethics and aesthetics, which makes them our perfect partner.
  • Pharmacy C & H Barton
    79 Bedford Rd, Barton-le-Clay, Bedford, UK

Contact us

For buyers from Europe and for potential partners worldwide: maryvery1765@gmail.com